Supply And Burn

With a total supply of 1 quadrillion and a 30% initial burn, tokens are burnt gradually with every transaction, increasing the value and scarcity.

Kemonomimi MIMI
Kemonomimi MIMI

Reflections In Your Wallet

Earn more $MIMI by holding passively! With every transaction, holders automatically receive 2% of the fees.

Liquidity Pool

5% of each transaction automatically goes towards generating liquidity.

Kemonomimi MIMI
Kemonomimi MIMI

Development And Budget

The team wants the very best for the Kemonomimi ecosystem.To help the team achieve this goal, 3% of the fees will be used exclusively for development and marketing.


Phase 1

Website Launch

Discord Launch

Telegram Launch

Token Launch

Initial Liquidity

Social Media

White Paper

Phase 2

NFT Creation

NFT Gacha

Coin Market Cap

Coin Gecko

Third-Party Audit

Phase 3

Awareness Ad Campaign

Small Exchange Listing

NFT Trading

NFT Staking

Community Expansion

Phase 4

Game Demo Preview

Tester Application

Exchange Listings

Marketing Push

Phase 5

To Be Revealed

Phase 6

To Be Revealed

Team And Community

Kemonomimi MIMI

Dev And Partnerships

Kemonomimi MIMI

NFT And Mystery Box

Kemonomimi MIMI


Kemonomimi MIMI